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21-03-14, 01:59
I have just embarked on the process of genetic testing, so you might have to excuse me if my questions are a bit stupid.
Irecently got my results back from FTDNA. They offer no haplogroup prediction for my results, and I have no matches. I have requested the free SNP backbone thingummy, but their website seems to be on the blink, or there is some glitch in their system as my messages are not being answered.
Anyway, I went to ysearch.org and entered my numbers, and while I have no matches there either, I did find someone whith my same surname, but with a genetic distance of 10.
Can anyone tell me what a genetic distance of 10 might mean? My surname is not particularly rare, but it is distinctive and derived from a particular individual or small group of individuals who lived about 1000 years ago.
My thanks for any help.

21-03-14, 02:01
Oh, ps, I went on to Whit athey's predictor, which told me that I am I2b. I'm not sure what that means, but wonder why FTDNA didn't predict the same?
I'm new at this, very confusing!