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25-03-14, 17:29
So, it has been several years and so many things seem to have changed and with the advent of children in my life and a very hectic home life I seem to have forgotten much about my own results. If I remember correctly my results were Isles I2a2, I just wanted to be sure exactly where I am ( I2a2?) and if I should have more SNPs tested or more markers even if it would help. I am very much a novice and my google-fu seems to have failed me when I tried to find my own answers. Is this forum appropriate to discuss results or could I be pointed to another message board or forum where it would be more proper. I have my results handy and can share them here if things like that are allowed.

25-03-14, 17:32
Congrats on kids and progress in life, and welcome back to Eupedia. Sparkey might be able to help you.

25-03-14, 18:48
Thank you LeBrok, part of my confusion is that my STRs dont exactly line up perfectly with any of Kens branches of the Isles tree, and wanted to know if there were any new SNPs to help me narrow it down.

25-03-14, 18:52
There are confusingly two haplogroups nicknamed "Isles" within I2, and even more confusingly, one is called I2a2-Isles in FTDNA nomenclature and the other is called I2a2-Isles in ISOGG nomenclature. Based on your old posts, you seem to be the former, I2a-Isles M423>L161.1. If your results are from FTDNA, I'd suggest joining the I2a Project (https://www.familytreedna.com/public/I2aHapGroup) and asking if they would suggest any additional SNP testing for you.

25-03-14, 18:59
My results are from genebase (I know bad choice) but thank you for directing me to the I2a project at family tree. And you were correct about M423>L161.1.

26-03-14, 04:55
and I would strongly suggest:
joining (its free) the I-L161-Isles group on Ancestry: http://groups.ancestry.com/group/35649022
or have you already done that? Joshua?

also post whatever genealogy you can on rootsweb (also free): http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi

You could also test for SNP:
l-4135 (definitive for Isles A) and
L-1498 (definitive for Isles B),

but before you do that, chat with Aiden Mulvihill (http://groups.ancestry.com/user/35629128) at the I-L161-Isles group.

26-03-14, 15:10
Hello jdanel! I joined that group a long long time ago. (just reactivated my ancestry account)I will post what I know to rootsweb later today. I conveniently already have it written up in a word document for my paternal side. I was looking at your hypothetical Driscoll* I2a tree and noticed my line is already on there. It is the J. Ronen you have on there. I spoke with Bernie Cullen yesterday and was able to get Kens newest tree and from that I cross referenced my STRs. From the markers I have only one does not match the A1 line, my DYS 388 having the odd 14 instead of the 13. I logged onto genebase to see if they updated it, it looks exactly the same as it did back in 2011 and they have no more SNPs to test for. So I will have to make the jump to FTDNA at some point if I want to continue testing.