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Tabaccus Maximus
08-04-14, 16:11
An archaeological team in London announced the discovery of legendary Boudicca's tomb at King's Cross Station in London.

The article describes a chariot burial and a well preserved body of a woman with red hair.



It seems there was a media blackout, then not, maybe on again. Heritagedaily has the scoop.

08-04-14, 16:21
T.M. I think this was an April Fools prank..[check bottom of page]

Tabaccus Maximus
08-04-14, 22:37
Thanks, Hope.

They updated the page after I read it. I imagine the prankster is very proud of himself.

09-04-14, 14:47
Thanks, Hope.

They updated the page after I read it. I imagine the prankster is very proud of himself.
Yes, you`ve got to love those pranksters......right? :23:
Although, to be fair to them, it was well done.

09-04-14, 20:12
Tacitus writes, "Prasutagus, king of the Iceni, after a life of long and renownded prosperity, had made the emperor co-heir with his own two daughters. Prasutagus hoped by this submissiveness to preserve his kingdom and household from attack. But it turned out otherwise. [After his death] kingdom and household alike were plundered like prizes of war (http://www.ancient.eu.com/war/), the one by Roman officers, the other by Roman slaves. As a beginning, his widow Boudicca was flogged and their daughters raped. The Icenian chiefs were deprived of their hereditary estates as if the Romans had been given the whole country. The king's own relatives were treated like slaves. And the humiliated Iceni feared still worse, now that they had been reduced to provincial status. So they rebelled." (Eyewitness to Ancient Rome, 197).





When Boudicca's husband died, the Romans didn't bother to rape her as she was 50 or something but they raped her daughters.

Boudica was flogged (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagellation), her daughters were raped (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape), and Roman financiers called in their loans.