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10-04-14, 19:23
If any of our resident experts have a moment, I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on a classification for this lady...


10-04-14, 23:17
atlantid? maybe

11-04-14, 00:59
Atlanto-Medit. / Noric

11-04-14, 03:59
Greek Medit

11-04-14, 05:39
She does not seem Greek. Germanic maybe.

11-04-14, 16:18
Atlanto-Medit. / Noric

I'm still trying to get a handle on these classifications, so bear with me...

I see where you're going with Noric, but isn't the nose all wrong? Isn't it supposed to be convex? It's hard to tell about head shape with women, although it doesn't seem as if she has a particularly flat occiput. Here are some other pictures to at least get different views. If it helps, she was very tall, large boned, fair skinned. She's rather a "type", which is why I'm interested.




11-04-14, 16:34
something in the range of nordid + atlanto med. + alpine.

not sure about any mesolithic traits or other

11-04-14, 18:37
I never knew what they were thinking when they spoke of 'convex' nose: there is so many ways to have a convex nose, without any genetic connexion between them sometimes (for the most by crossings, by the way!): with very different nasal roots (or "bridge"), with different localization of the protuberence - on this kind of photos it is hard to tell the nasal profile -
on these very small pictures, I cannot say to much: at first sight, 'nordic' (or 'nordid' for someones) + 'alpine' seem coherent- the so called 'noric' type is for me a combination where 'nordic' play a role, with 'dinaric' and maybe 'alpine' or 'borreby' (the cromagnoid form, not the "brutal" brĂ¼nnoid) - you can find an 'alpinelike' dominant population or a 'nordicliake' dominant population, a 'noric' one, not (maybe am I wrong, but I looked to a lot of Austrians and southern Germans, and they show very various forms of crossings
where a genuine type even statistical, is very difficult to individualize...
to answer a forumer here, I say I find NO greek element in her, if "greek" can be taken as a phenotype element, what I don't think - I don't find any visible 'mediteranean' trait whatever the form of it -

11-04-14, 19:02
Looks a bit like Vanessa redgrave

11-04-14, 23:54
For some reason, the original picture isn't showing...


Thank you for the help, gentlemen.

The lady is from the Apennine region south of Reggio Emilia. I posted her and posted other people from that region in previous posts because I have a personal interest in the people there, and they've never seemed to me to "fit" neatly into these classification systems even if I take the fact that I imperfectly understand them into account. This is definitely a type there, although not the "only" type, of course.

And as to the noses, there are definitely some people with convex noses there, but I don't see those kind of flat occiput heads very often at all, even though on those old maps it is "Dinaric" country, when it's not "Alpine" country.

Oh, and despite the fact that they're undoubtedly Italian, you do find some people, like this lady, who don't strike me as Mediterranean at all.