View Full Version : Half Asian =Master of military and conquest? Caucasoid / Mongoloid ruler of the world

Gurka atla
17-04-14, 00:04
I have a theory that the greatest warriors are the Mongoloid / Caucasoid mix race. I mean look at all those Turkic empires that ruled half of the wolrd. The most Mongoloid Turkic empire have some Caucasoid admixture and the most Caucasoid empire have some Mongoloid admixture. Europe, Middle east, Central Asia, South Asia were ruled by Turks for the last thousand years. Even the Mongols and Ottoman had small admixture of other races.

For example


At first I though maybe it's just the culture and environment they were raised in but than I found out that Gurkhas who were considered the bravest soldiers of WW2 and strongest of South Asia were mix blood even hitler said with Gurkhas he could conquer the world.

At first I though they pure Mongoloid but they actually have 17 - 23% Indo-Aryan DNA.

23-07-14, 10:28
Indo-Europeans are rulers of the world as you might know.