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Gurka atla
27-04-14, 06:07
In Russian forum a table showed they had 60% R1a and 25% Q
70% Western Eurasian mtDNA and 30% Eastern Eurasian mtDNA.

Note* I'm going to find and post this later.

R1a is predominant in Slavs, and Central Asian Iranian Tajiks, Pamiris.
Q is dominant in Siberian Mongoloid Turkics


Anthropology of the Bulgars

Russian translation to English

"It is interesting that male Bulgars were somewhat more Mongoloid than female Bulgars although not significantly different, it is still closer to the brachicranial Caucasoid"

" The population has abandoned medieval cemetery Small Minaret, was mixed in anthropological terms. Along with representatives brachicranial Caucasoid type are representatives of the Mongoloid race. Women's series is not significantly different from men, but, in our view, it is more Caucasoid than men. Apparently, carriers Mongoloid elements was a male part of the population who came to this territory as conquerors. (P. 93)

This clearly means

Bulgars = Iranian Caucasoids with Mongoloid admixtures.


Anthropology evidence.

" Bulgars were Oghur Turkic,[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] with Scytho-Sarmatian[13][14] and Sarmatian-Alan[15][16] elements. There is a discussion whether these Sarmatian elements in the cultural characteristics of the Proto-Bulgars are based on Sarmatized Turks or Turkicized Sarmatians.[17] They had also enveloped other ethnic groups by their migration westwards across the Eurasian steppe.[18][19] "

"This finding is consistent with a model in which the Turkic languages were gradually imposed in Central Asia and East European Plain on Caucasian (Scythian & Finno-Ugrian) peoples with relatively little genetic admixture, another possible example of a language shift through elite dominance. "


Archaeology and paleoanthropology

Materials Zlivkinskogo necropolis (Ukraine) [22] , cemeteries Crimea [23] and mounds in the Volga and Danube Bulgaria [24] show that the Bulgars treated brahiokrannym (round or short head) Europoids [25] . By craniological Zlivkinskogo repository related to Saltovo-Mayaki culture, physical type Bulgarians is set to "brachicranial Caucasoid with weakened Mongoloid features, the average size of face and skull. characteristic of both Asian and for part of the European Sarmatians [28] (excluding the Alans , whose physical type was dolihokrannym Caucasoid [29] ), for rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya and is expected to homeland Proto-Bulgarians [30] of cemeteries Iranian-speaking peoples, also in modern Pamir peoples [31] . Caucasian origin brahiokranii Proto, binds to the so-called paleo-Euroipeoid groups .