View Full Version : Geno 2.0 results!

19-05-14, 14:23
I got my Geno 2.0 results and am not very clear about it:

mtDNA: L3 > N > R > R0 > HV > HV0 > V

Y-DNA: M42 > M168 > M89 > M170 > M253 = I-Z140

The explanations obtained by National Geographic were not so clear to me, can any one tell something more about these results, please?

Specially confused am I with the mtDNA and the "journey" from "R > R0 > HV to HV0" , because it travels back and forth through the years in

a very funny way....

11-12-15, 12:57
I'm not sure where to post questions regarding DNA results. I uploaded my raw DNA results to Gedmatch and had these results using World 9: 28% Native American, 3% Siberian, 43% Atlantic Baltic, 15% Southern, 3% African and 8% Gedrosia. I know that I don't have any middle eastern ancestry, so what does this mean?

11-12-15, 17:19
You are nicely mixed, welcome to Eupedia Rosebud.