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06-06-14, 09:04
interesting paper........I will comment later


oops, should be near eastern farmers

06-06-14, 11:18
I don't see anything revolutionary. They aim was to find the definite genetic signature of the so called farmers and they failed not testing the most important thing: Y-DNA.

It doesn't surprise me at all to see MtDNA K, but don't forget that according to another research in Greece this haplogroup was already present there by the Mesolithic. So I'm so sorry, but they proved nothing.

Hope they test Y-DNA someday...so we can discuss the issue supported by better clues.

06-06-14, 13:32
I agree, we need not only y-dna but Autosomal from near-east farmers, that would be quite interesting and (perhaps) revolutionary.

06-06-14, 16:27
Good first insight and good that they now start to test the Neolithic Near East folks and 8700-6600BC is good time frame; But as mentioned before more and other tests for a more extensive insight especially in comparison to the Neolithic European corpses;

06-06-14, 17:03
I think that even if they had tested for Y DNA in these Near Eastern folk, we would also need more Y DNA results from Neolithic Europe before any comparisons could be made.

07-06-14, 05:00
I think it is an interesting Study just based on the amount of mtDNA K. If you take mtDNA K to represent the spread of these first farmers then you can attribute many different Neolithic cultures to them, like Cardium Pottery and LBK, even found in Funnelbeaker in Sweden. They basically represent the first spread of Pottery into Europe. I think it is a safe bet to say K is one of the primary ENE mtDNA haplogroups.

07-06-14, 21:32
oops, should be near eastern farmers
It should show right now, fixed.