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10-06-14, 19:53
I found this article on the Archeology News Network. I always find it interesting when scientists find ancient artifacts that were possibly used for religions purposes. However, while it's interesting to speculate about what such items meant to the people of the time, I don't think we can ever actually know how people of the past thought about these things.

"A meteorite found in the remains of a Neolithic hut in Bolkow, north west Poland, may have been used for shamanic purposes, academics have argued. A fragment of a meteorite discovered by archaeologists inside the remains of a hut dating back more than 9,000 years in Bolkowie the lake Swidwie, Western Pomerania [Credit: Wykopaliska] The meteorite was discovered among a large group of sacral objects in a hut on the banks of Swidwie Lake in the West Pomeranian region. Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Szczecin found items including an amulet, a so-called 'magic staff' fashioned from antlers and decorated with geometrical motifs, and an engraved bone spear. They were made about 9000 years ago. The discovery of the meteorite, which is 8cm high and 5.3cm wide at the base, proved especially intriguing in this context. “The meteorite was brought to the hut as an object of special significance, because it came 'from another world,” Professor Tadeusz Galinski told the Polish Press Agency. “The item became an object in their belief system, and perhaps even a prop in the practice of shamanic magic,” he said. Archaeologists have been carrying out excavations at the site for several years now. The meteorite was discovered last year, but at first academics failed to identify it correctly."

10-06-14, 20:11
Meteorites would be in the minds of the ancients "from the gods". The Kabaa stone in Mecca is a meteorite and is venerated.

Islamic tradition holds that it fell from Heaven



10-06-14, 20:20
Did you find a picture of this magical rock? I wonder what they saw as important compared to other ordinary rocks. Ancients knew about magnetism, and found samples of naturally occurring magnetized rock called Iodestone. It is thought to be made by lightning strikes, and is found on the surface. I wonder if they had Iodestones. If they found two rocks that were magnetically attracted I could see the use in a magical context.