View Full Version : Easter in Germany

19-06-14, 18:00
MyEaster vacation in Harz turned out to be a complete disappointment. These are abunch of rednecks. One can almost never use credit cards. Even large shopsdon’t take Visa, Master or American Express. They would only accept cash! Iended up taking out cash Euros after Euros after Euros during my whole stay. Iended up spending all my savings on parking fees and toilet use!!! So-calledtourist-attractions and sightseeing are absolutely not worth it, on top of thatyou are forced to spend large amount of money on expensive parking, toilets andgreasy unhealthy lunch and dinner!Mostannoying aspect of my vacation was the Germans’ constant stare. They haveperhaps never seen black people or colored people whatsoever. Everywhere I gothey stare at me without reason. Even if I stare back at them, they never tooktheir eyes off me. I waved and said Hi and asked why they are staring, and inresponse they silently continued their creepy stare. Always money money moneyand stare stare and stare. Reaching out their hands to take money and staringat colored people, that’s all they can do. How uncivilized! I am in front of apublic toilet, taking out Euros to use, the toilet-attendant is standing therestaring at me as if I am from another planet. I am walking in to restaurants,and all of them in the restaurant are staring at me constantly as if I am notwelcome there!!! It would never happen in the country I come from, no matterhow you are, you walk down a crowded street, and nobody would even notice, stayaside “stare” for a single moment. That’s what is called “manners”.