View Full Version : Conflict in Sahara 13,000 Years Ago

15-07-14, 18:14
I saw this on Dienekes Blogspot: http://dienekes.blogspot.com/2014/07/armed-conflict-in-sahara-13-thousand.html

The site where this occurred was on the east bank of the Nile in Sudan 13,000 years ago. The arrowheads or spear points appeared to be North African or Levantine in origin. No DNA testing has been done, but is it likely those killed were y-dna E1b1a folk and those producing the points were E1b1b?

17-07-14, 09:12
22000 years ago the Nile was a slow moving river and the Nile Valley was marshy and well populated, probably by some E1b1b coming from the Ehiopian highlands
14000 years ago the monsoon climate shifted north
on one hand, the Nile became a wild river and the Nile Valley became uninhabitable, people were fighting each other for the last resources and finally all had to flee from there
on the other hand, the land became lusher, greener. the Sahara shrinked to about half the present size, creating new hunting grounds
E1b1a, ancestral to the Bantu came from the Ethiopian highlands to hunt with bow and arrow on these lands
they were in competition with A1 people whom they chased away

there are not enough details in the article to see about what conflict they are relating