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23-07-14, 05:45
Going on a vacation with my husband to Italy. Planning to visit Florence, Rome. Require private car for our airport transfers from Ciampino Airport. Any recommendations? there is a company by name rome-minicabs they are offering car rentals at great prices. Has anyone used their car service? Should i book one with them?

23-07-14, 11:13
Hello Katija, My experience of booking anything online (including Italy) was always positive, except for being charged 2euro city tax per night per person in a Rome hotel. However the information was written and we simply over looked it.

We did a booking for a rental (Avis) to pick up from Catania airport in Sicily and drove all the way up to Palermo and left the car at airport there. It all went smooth. Im sorry I have no personal experience with Rome mini cabs but their website looks professional. There seem to be no comments on Trip advisor either (maybe its a good thing) If you have any doubts you can always send e-mails and print the answers out.

Maybe someone else would have some direct experience. I hope you have a great time in Rome and Florence. I loved Rome, haven't been to Florence yet.

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06-08-14, 06:52
Thanks a lot Maleth i too did go through the site and had contacted the staff it was a nice talking to them and i have booked a cab for our transfers with them. Thanks and i am excite for the journey.

09-08-14, 22:30
Thanks a lot Maleth i too did go through the site and had contacted the staff it was a nice talking to them and i have booked a cab for our transfers with them. Thanks and i am excite for the journey.

You are welcome. Come back and share your experience :) - Enjoy

Nada noor
02-09-14, 13:49
Big city driving can be harrowing. A car is great for rides in the country, and unless you can deal with some real speed avoid the Autostrada. Speeds of over 150 MPH are not uncommon. It took me several months to get used to driving what I was there twenty years ago.

28-04-15, 12:30
Hello friends,

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Federico Romano

28-04-15, 18:28
I very much agree. Whenever I drive to Rome I just park the car and never touch it again. Unless you're extremely familiar with the roads it's more of a hindrance than a help to use it. Even just leaving Rome one Sunday morning I kept on circling and circling the same spot trying to get out of the city. I would still be doing it if a gallant police officer hadn't taken pity on me and literally guided me to the autostrada south by having me follow his car!

Buses are a great option, but if you're sticking to the "old city", nothing beats your own two feet. I always recommend that tourists get a really good guide book and take one of the self guided "walking tours" if they don't want to pay for a guided tour.

I'm a fan of the Cadogan guides, but Frommer's Memorable Rome Walks is good too:

Some others:

The National Geographic Walking Tour:

Audio Assisted Walking Tours are good options too. This company offers one for ancient Rome and one for the area from Piazza Navona to the Pantheon.

For the elderly and infirm or a family with young children, there are also Eco golf cart tours:

Now this I haven't tried, but hey, why not?

28-04-15, 18:47
To get into Rome from the airport, I would just take public transportation, or a taxi to my hotel. If you want to drive from Rome to Florence, pick up your car when you're about to leave. The same goes for Florence. You don't need a car there, and it's in fact a hindrance, so why pay for parking? Just pick up a car when you leave.

I've only ever had two problems with renting a car in Italy. One was that I changed my plans and decided to drop off early at an agency in Rome on August 15th. Huuuuge mistake...even the car rental agencies were closed for Ferragosto. I had to drive the car out to the airport to turn it back in and then had to take a taxi back.

The other problem I had...well, that my husband had...is that he put diesel fuel in a non diesel car we had rented...need I say more???:grin: We had to spend three hours or so in a garage waiting for it all to be drained out. He had a tendency in the beginning of our trips to Italy of wanting to take charge of all the "manly" things like renting the car, and getting instructions on it, and pumping the gas. I'm a woman who picks her battles, so I let him have at it for the sake of his "masculine pride". He used to want to handle the requests for lodgings too, in his "native" American English. Another big mistake in some smaller areas and hotels. By the second trip he let me handle it or at least participate!:grin: