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01-09-14, 13:43
(continuation of the article “High-level wind-driven energy is the shortest way to the Singular Transition”)

During the Singular Transition and afterwards people will enter the realm of dreams come true. First of all, of course, they’ll want to become immortal. Other wishes can wait to be fulfilled. When people become immortal, they’ll have no need to hurry: they’ll have the eternity in front of them. And while people are mortal, they have to hurry to draw the Singular Transition nearer as fast as they can. And here arises the collision: some people will make it to become immortal in time, the others won’t. This circumstance should be used to make people do their best to draw the Singular Transition nearer.
The prospect of Singular Transition possibility in the foreseeable future awakes remarkable changes in the consciousness of the society and so in the behavior of the people it consists of.
Let us highlight the most obvious of them.
1) The role of futurology and futurologists will rise greatly. All the educated people especially politicians and business people will listen out for their opinions.
2) Long-term plans will be revised, some of them even cancelled. Short-term plans will be remarkably corrected.
3) People’s approach to the other people will also change greatly. Everyday behavior and habits of people will be corrected (for the better!).
4) The approach to demographic problem will be revised.
5) Scientific work expenses will be increased dramatically, especially in the spheres of biology, cybernetics and robot technology.
6) The approach to the natural resources will change: the regime of saving “for the sake of the future generations” will be revised.
7) International tensions will alleviate. Armed conflicts will cease, as they’ll become obviously pointless. Military operations will take place only in the form of police operations of peace-enforcement.
8) The importance of the material side of everyday life will decrease while the importance of the spiritual side will increase, as well as the importance of labor activity.
9) The possibility of living to see the Singular Transition will become the highest value screening material and many other values.
10) Being orientated towards the future, people will pay less attention to up-to-the-minute problems and wishes. Entertainments, amusements and pleasures will decrease in their attraction in favor of business-concerned operations and actions.
11) People will neglect vain interests of competitive struggle for the highest purposes, which can be reached only by common efforts.

The humanity in general is very inert, so it will come to the Singular Transition approximately in the same demographic make-up and ethnic composition, ethnic and cultural states as it is in nowadays. But the ideology of the society should be changed. People must as soon as possible become peace-loving, tolerant, attached to scientific and technological progress.
The most important task for today is to bring the information contained in these three articles to all the people of the Earth. The humanity has never been given such important information.
The time gap separating us from the Singular Transition is not firmly fixed. Doing nothing for this, the oncoming of the Singular Transition can hold off for 50 -100 years or more. Any kind of disaster can happen during this time and the humanity will be hundreds or thousands years rebound in its development. But if all the resources of the humanity are mobilized, the time gap can be greatly reduced, and the new way of living on the Earth will come in 5 – 10 years or maybe even less. Today everything depends on the efforts of maybe very small group of people: we either leave everything as it is and so will be entrapped in unsolvable problems of our sinful world or will come to the side of scientific and technological progress and come into the new, higher state of existence. There wasn’t such a choice before. Now we have it. We have to make the right decision.

01-09-14, 18:51
Welcome to Eupedia Novikov.

Is this your writing or someone elses?

I'm the one who wouldn't mind living much longer than my biological clock allows. I know there are many guys subscribing to this notion, but surprisingly most of people don't want to live forever. However this article assumes otherwise. Pushing all into "living forever" might not be a good idea, but giving a choice to individuals might. Otherwise the whole thing is shaped as a state directed process making people "happy" against their will. Sort of in line with utopian social engineering.
I'm not saying it won't happen at all, but if it does, I wish it is by choice of people.

Keep in mind that a natural goal of humankind, same as all other species, is to have offspring, the next generation, next generation, etc. Living forever is a novel idea, never tried, not necessary for human existence, civilization or happiness, and might work or not for our benefit as species.