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06-09-14, 21:14
According to the latest archaeological data, Balkans and particularly the territory of today’s Serbia was a mayor Celtic (Gaulic) stronghold between the 4th and the 1st century bc. Celts (Gauls) went from their Balkan stronghold to attack Greek lands and to eventually form Galatia in Asia Minor. What is very interesting is that the chieftains of these Balkan Celts (Gauls) from fourth and third century BC have names whose clear etymology is preserved in Serbian. Breton, Welsh, Irish, Lithuanian and Slavic languages are the only ones which share "vran" as a word for raven and crow, but only Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Polish languages use Vran, Vron as a word for black. Slavic languages are the only ones which have preserved the old word "Bran" meaning to defend, protect.

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11-09-14, 19:41
this question of bran/vran/wren was yet discussed on an other thread (linguistic)
could you prove that B-/V- inversions are normal in slavic languages?
raven is BRAN in celtic, not VRAN, and even if we suppose a first V- it would have been a phonetic /w/ at first, and would have given
GWAN in brittonic celtic and FRAN in gaelic - so let's be carefull...