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20-05-15, 09:55
I think the Etruscans were what many scholars, including Piazza and Cavalli-Sforza, too, stated: the fusion of a greco-anatolian èlite with the native population of ancient Tuscany (a "sardinian-like" post-neolithic population? Italics? Something else?). After the Cuma battle of 474 BC, the Etruscans were estimated to be 300,000/400,000 people, the 12-16% of the whole population of Italy.
I have a question: The study states the admixture event between locals and an anatolian-caucasian population could have occured about 2,600-3,100 years ago. Is there anything out there - a genetic research company, a software or whatever... - allowing us to estimate this kind of temporal range for individuals, too?

29-05-15, 18:31
What are the connections beetween the Sea People and the Etruscan, the indo-european Shar-DANa bronze age warriors arrived in Sardinia and Tuscany, 2300 - 2000 BCE

The Battle of the Delta: Ramses III saves Egypt from the People of the Sea http://www.ancient-origins.net/history-important-events/battle-delta-ramses-iii-saves-egypt-people-sea-003119