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28-09-14, 14:01
new deposits of rare earth elements found in SE europe,

REE are usefull in modern technology produaction,

the oldest we know, and a good quantity are in Sweden,
the second found but probably the biggest are in China,
one of the components that China is ahead in computer parts is this, REE,
many found elsewhere,
lately seems that found the richest deposits in SE Europe Balkans and Turkey1,

I will not expand to Geogolical names and special scientific names and Terms,
But seems from Rodope Mountains Bulgaria to E Greece to SW Turkey/minor Asia Are the richest by % in the world deposits, although not so big as China,
but due to high % seems it is easier and cost less to develop production,
smaller deposits also found in S parts of Romania,
that Geological formation is known from ancient times, rich in certain minerals and mettals from antique (Lydian Makedonian Gold etc), but searches lately found REE.
Chinese industry which almost monopolize the REE in the world, run and search way to develop the production of REE,

my Question is,
Europe was the first who found REE,
Deposits exists in EU,
why we EU do not have a strong industry of Computer parts?
we are far enough from other planet areas, almost same with E Asia in usage of modern electronics,
we have software developement, we have technology searches
but why we are so behind in production?

what makes me wonder, is are we EU of citizens or EU of corporations and banks?
ok I know it is more complicated, but tell me, in modern digital equipment, how much is EU made,
chips ram cpu etc etc