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30-09-14, 17:04
I found this quite interesting, mind blowing actually:

"Russian quantum biologist Dr. Vladimir Poponin and his colleague Peter Gariaev through a series of experiments, tried to prove that human DNA has a direct effect on the physical world through a field of energy that connects the two. They first recorded the presence of photons in an otherwise empty tube, and noted that the photons were scattered randomly across the tube. Next, they dropped a sample of human DNA in the tube, and found that the photons arranged themselves distinctly in a pattern. Finally, when they removed the DNA from the tube, they expected the photons to go back to being randomly scattered, but to their surprise they found that the photons remained in a pattern. This behaviour of photons in the presence of DNA has come to be known as The DNA Phantom Effect. Other research also points to the strong possibility that human emotions can affect DNA, even at a distance."

http://www.forbes.com/sites/rajeevpeshawaria/2014/03/21/quantum-mechanics-spirituality-leadership/ (read under spooky action at a distance, second paragraph)

Another link:

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Definitely it is very useful for everyone.

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