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09-10-14, 15:23
He can be Albanian, Bosnian or Croatian. His steep nose looks like Albanian. Profile photo could help a bit more.

10-10-14, 00:27
If he's not Italian, then somewhere nearby in the Balkans.

10-10-14, 21:26
broad enough jaws, broad face, broad skull: 'alpine', one kind of 'borreby', 'dinaric': brachycephallic or sub(brachycephallic
the frontal line I suspect is receading a bit, not too much 'alpine' - face too large for "true" 'dinaric'
dark blond hair; rather 'nordic' - pale grey-blue eyes: more 'east-baltic' (if 'east-baltic' has some sense, or a 'borreby' component of 'east-baltic' (the frontal line and the not too broad jaw ppoint rather to my 'boreeby' B (BrĂ¼nn based?) -
these traits could be convenient for every kind of N or N-E Germanic (more Dane, German or W-Norvergian or Finn or Balt but the nose shape shows some 'mediterranean' accretion, as it occurs among typical 'dinarics' of Balkans or elsewhere: so a Slav, and rather a southern Slav (I recall "balkan" is too vague a term for anthropology, when we know the crossings which occurred there) - the massive face points rather to a Montenegro-CrnaGora inhabitant, bit it is not exclusive -
so I would say:
rather Montenegro, Bosniak, Croatian, less evident for Serbian, Macedonian, Carpathian Romanian, Slovenian,more less Ukrainian, Hungarian, Pole, S-German, Austrian ...
for ANGELA: I don' exclude at all an Italian, but then rather a Venitian or a Friulan -
allways bets, I you know, concerning my thoughts about this "sport"

have a good night

10-10-14, 21:32
sorry, I forgot Albanian, with more chances to be from the closest regions to Montenegro (And his mother was vegetarian, his father christian alcoholic!)

King Bardhyl
12-10-14, 19:20
He is an albanian, his name is Besart Berisha.

12-10-14, 20:02
Hm he is from Prishtina, my town. Not a football fan, so .... Anyhow, he reminded me of Ernest Malazogu an actor, he has the same nose, so I suspected that he is Albanian.

16-10-14, 14:58
Well, I was not too far!

28-11-14, 23:36
He is an albanian, his name is Besart Berisha.
As soon as I saw the picture I immediately thought it was Albanian.