View Full Version : Albanian Secret Service Behind Provocation in Belgrade

01-11-14, 20:10

Albania's plan to cause chaos and interrupt its Euro qualification match against Serbia in Belgrade was very well organized, took weeks to prepare and lasted only 10 minutes - behind it is the Albanian secret service (SHISH), reports Kurir.
The main financier is Edi Rama's brother Olsi Rama who used his mobile phone in the VIP section of the stadium to maneuver the drone.
The flag was brought in Serbia 10 days before the match, reports Kurir from its source in MUP, there were numerous people involved in the set-up, however it was all organized by the Albanian secret service SHISH, reports Kurir.

02-11-14, 01:47
Can you change the name of this thread?

This is simply a speculation.

It is an unfounded theory made up by the serb media (kurir is serbian) and it' not true.

That's what they're going to say because they want to be justified for what happened there.

03-11-14, 08:46
Ah yes, paranoid delusion at its best, and from who, why none else than Kurir, simply the most reliable news source in the Balkans. Well since we have come this low, let me put it out there that maybe its was UDBA or whatever its equivalent is these days, trying to interrupt the match so that Serbia wouldn't have to go though the humiliation of losing to Albania in a home match.