View Full Version : R1b-U198/R1b-S29 topic and R1B-U198 in Normandy

13-11-14, 16:23

I have seen that the HG branch of R1B - R1B-U198 is missing a topic so opened one.
What did I noticed while replying to some new member is that in Normandy there is some of R1B-U198.
I am curios if anyone have some information about this branch.
I have find sparse information about it and it seems to be of West Germanic origin,from what I find till now.
I searched more on inet and it seems is found at 2% percentages in England population but is not found in Gaelic population from Great Britain.
Sorry miss-read about Normandy,is few there.
Well from what is written in other parts on inet R1B-S29/R1b-U198 is from Frisia (North-West Germany on today maps).
Just from curiosity,counted R1B-U198 /S29 in Normandy.
4 people from around 176 people.
That is something like 2.3% R1b-U198 in Normandy,seems to be same average as in English males,which is very strange.
R1B-U198 is not found in Scandinavia so either was brought by Normans in Great Britain,either was brought by Anglo-Saxons,a part of it and another part,by Normans,while in France/Normandy was brought by West Germanic people.
Nice to find a HG which is clearly West Germanic.