View Full Version : Haplogroup R-L1 Null 439 Info

08-12-14, 14:02
Hey all, awhile back I had my father take a Family Tree Y-DNA test and his haplogroup result (essentially mine although I am female and don't have a y chromosome) is Haplogroup R-L1 /S26 aka Null 439. I have little information about it, and what the exact haplogroup name for it is (for example if its r1b1a2a2 or whatever), I have been told my a second cousin that has the same haplogroup and is in the same project, etc, as my father that this is a very rare haplogroup.

Could you shed some light on the R-L1/S26 (formerly known as the null439s)? How rare is it, what makes it rare, and where is it most commonly found and thought to have originated from?

Any information would be great.


08-12-14, 22:29
Anyone have an opinion?