View Full Version : A Pill For Obesity?

11-12-14, 04:35
They keep on promising this...maybe this time Harvard and Mass General are onto something.

Here is the article:

"Cowan's group has found two small molecules that convert fat stem cells, which normally would produce white fat, into brown-like fat cells. These brown-like fat cells burn excess energy and thereby reduce the size and numbers of white fat cells."

11-12-14, 10:51
try it, and if it works, tell me

11-12-14, 14:52
Thankfully, my metabolism is pretty fast, but I find that even a fast metabolism slows down a little bit every year, which means that the miles I have to travel on that treadmill, especially in the winter, go up a little bit each year too. I'd love to retire the darn thing, and the weights too. Why some people enjoy that kind of thing is beyond me.

I don't think anyone should volunteer to try the current version, though, as it has an immunosuppresant effect. People do have to take those kinds of drugs, but they can have serious consequences.