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03-01-15, 20:28
Hey Eupedia denizens, I'm at a crossroads and I want to explore new opportunities; it would be great if you could educate me on potential opportunities the following interests may lead to, if any.

I'm interested in education, but I do not want to enter academia. I am interested in online tutoring technologies (or literacy-promoting technologies), and perhaps finding a way to get involved in promoting such technologies. Is there a sales avenue I can explore here? A company like Qualtrics comes to mind, which is statistical software for universities. Can anyone give me some pointers or just share their thoughts in general?

Secondly, I have a life-long interest in anthropology, and human evolution, and a masters degree in the latter (from a good university, top-5). How viable is it to get involved in selling, say, textbooks and education materials for these subjects? Perhaps I should get in touch with publishing houses?

Many thanks for reading. My next step is to learn as much as possible; I'll take on board everything you have to say. Cheers!

03-01-15, 21:15
Usually Masters are more marketable as companies don't like to pay as much for a Ph.D. However, if you start a genetics company, a Ph.D. adds more credibility to your start-up. People would put money as investors as they believe you would know more on the subject than a Masters. Of course, that is the general assumption. You know Sir Isaac Newton only attained a Master's degree from Cambridge University three hundred years ago. The Ph.D. degree came into being quite recently maybe a hundred or hundred and fifty years ago in Germany.

You could advise people on genetics and ancestry as an adjunct to a medical clinic. This is a new field and plenty of opportunities. People are very curious about their ancestry.

03-01-15, 22:20
Welcome to Eupedia Jago.

You are in uncharted waters, sort to speak. You have to try something new and see how things go for you.

Perhaps it would be in your interest to work part time, if not full time, for companies like 23andme or Internet learning like Khan's Academy? They are exploring new frontiers too, but at least they have lots of venture capital behind them. It helps if one is not a millionaire, and doing something full time that might turned out to be just a hobby.