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04-01-15, 15:50
Hello everyone,

I really appreciate your time looking at my thread. I really need your help in my Y-STR. My long-short story that my grandfather died when my dad was 7 years old. He grew up without known his uncles. So, I was interested in DNA tests and did my test already. The haplogroup turned to be J2. I really need to take your time and tell me about my origin, where I came from and what are we? I have ordered SNP PF5169 and still under process. My kit number is 159217 in FtDNA. I really need you tell me everything. Because a lot of people were asking me where you are from and why your name doesn't have a family name and so that. So, just known a little and accurate about my family past is enough.

What other projects should I join, too? I am very clueless.

Thank you for taking your time.

Saudi Arabia

04-01-15, 16:36
Hello Marwan, you need to take time to learn about DNA and don't let it over whelm you as there is so much to read and learn. Do it a little at a time. You can start by reading the genetics part on this forum in your case J2.


You can also join the J project on Ftdna https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Y-DNA_J/default.aspx?section=yresults. Pages are a little slow to open but its a good place to compare. Browse your personal Ftdna page well as there are lots of things you can learn too. Probably you will be able to take deeper clade tests the get better matches if you get any.

Many people on this forum are very well informed so they will be able to help you more if you need to ask any questions. But its best to start by making some research in these sites as its much easier to become more familiar. By time you can also check out past threads on the subject. As I said don't let it overwhelm you as there is lots to read, especially when the subject is new to you.

Welcome to the forum

11-01-15, 20:53
Thank you so much for your replay. I am really interested to know my paternal line. It's very important to me. I like this girl and proposed to her family and her family refused me because they are saying you don't have a tribe or a family name. We like each other but her family stopped in our way. Without any permission from her family to allow her to marry me, I am not able to marry her :(
This is the only thing I can do and really ask for all of your help to get to know the nearest distant I can to know my tribe name :(

Thank you,