View Full Version : Research on Jealousy: Impact of Sexual vs Emotional Jealousy By Gender

12-01-15, 16:50
This is the link to the study:

It claims to be the largest study ever done on the subject: about 64,000 people.

I don't think much about it is all that surprising:

"Participants imagined what would upset them more: their partners having sex with someone else (but not falling in love with them) or their partners falling in love with someone else (but not having sex with them). Consistent with the evolutionary perspective, heterosexual men were more likely than heterosexual women to be upset by sexual infidelity and less likely than heterosexual women to be upset by emotional infidelity. Bisexual men and women did not differ significantly. Gay men and lesbian women also did not differ."

"he evolutionary perspective notes that men face a problem that women never face: paternal uncertainty. They never know if their child is genetically related to them, there is always a chance the child could have been fathered by another man. In contrast, women never face the problem of maternal uncertainty. Thus, while it is expected that both men and women experience sexual jealousy, men may exhibit particularly heightened responses compared with women. Further, while women do not face maternal uncertainty, they risk the potential loss of resources and commitment from partners if they channel their investment to another mate. Sociocultural perspectives have generally claimed that no difference would be expected between men and women. However, this study notes that men are socialized to be masculine, which includes having great sexual prowess. If a man's partner commits sexual infidelity, this brings into question his sexual prowess and therefore threatens his masculinity, which leads him to react more negatively to his partner committing sexual rather than emotional infidelity."

Leaving aside the "evolutionary perspective", and speaking as a woman, I would be highly insulted if I thought my partner would be ok with, or at least more ok with me falling in love with another man than sleeping with him. :useless: Bodies can be found anywhere, but love is hard to come by...

I find the infidelity percentages surprising as well. I would think the numbers for men would be much higher. (and maybe the ones for women lower)