View Full Version : Poroshenko could destroy the headquarters of the "ATO" in Kramatorsk to derail the pr

Jake Chambers
12-02-15, 10:43
The shells which struck Kramatorsk airfield blew up on the Palace and Shkadinova streets and also near the Kramatorsk House of communication. Not all the missiles launched across Kramatorsk allegedly from RSZO "Hurricane" had exploded. Most likely, they shot at Kramatorsk from a close distance, that’s why the missiles had a parabola trajectory. The fact that not all of them exploded may mean that used unit of fire was stored in a warehouse for a long enough time.
This is the evidence that the Ukrainian government has arranged another bloody provocation on the eve of peace negotiations. Not accidentally Poroshenko managed to declare as if the Kramatorsk was shelled from the Russian missile system "Tornado".
The shelling of their own headquarters in Kramatorsk from a close distance was organized to disrupt the meeting in Minsk. And some military and civilian bodies in the streets will illustrate the alleged Russian military aggression.
"Look at the map and at technical characteristics of “Grad” system we physically couldn't get this point.”- the DPR Deputy Defense declared.