View Full Version : Another Slaying of a Muslim in the US

Sarah Conner
15-02-15, 18:01
Bronx NY, a white male who's name has not yet been released by police brutally beaten a man to death from an argument over a garden hose.

Eye-witnesses say that Ado Muhammad 20, a devout Muslim was washing the sidewalk in front of his fathers business when he intentionally sprayed a man who was walking by with water. Moments later the man and Muhammad got into a heated argument that's when the man struck Muhammad. Due to city budget cut backs Webster police were dispatched which took longer for response time. Eye witnesses say that for 30 consecutive minutes the man "ripped into" Muhammad. Police say when they arrived Muhammad was unrecognizable and declared dead on the scene.

Police also said they confiscated a substance street drug called bath salts on the man and that the man had a previous complaint with Muhammad a week prior in the store over bottle water that may have tipped off the argument. The man is also known to be in the 'hippie' counter culture around the area and has had prior drug and violence violations.

This occurred just days after 3 Muslims were shot by a North Carolina man over a parking space.


15-02-15, 20:13
why are you posting this ?

16-02-15, 05:13

16-02-15, 16:49
why are you posting this ?

I think it is interesting that someone was attacked by a time traveler - the article says that the attacker was a member of the "hippy" counterculture, so he had presumably travelled there from the 1960s. Apart from that, I think the only point of the story is "don't pick fights with crazy people".

16-02-15, 16:53
I'm not surprised that bath salts were involved. It's just another, perhaps even more dangerous form of Meth. People do horrifically violent things when they're on this garbage. Even in prison populations inmates stay clear of these guys.