View Full Version : good British/ Irish groups not known outside of UK/ ireland?

Celtic Wallaby
18-02-15, 12:23
Lately I have been listening to Scouting for Girls, and I realised that, even though the group sings in English, they didn't have that exposure to the worldwide (American) music market like mainstream acts such as The Beatles, Coldplay Muse, One Direction, Adele, Jessie J, etc. In a way Delta Goodrem is for the Australian/ NZ market.

So I guess there are many awesome groups over there (that are not mainstream, preferably pop-rock, post-grunge, indie) Scouting for Girls is somewhat known in Australia.
So, which ones are your favourites?

18-02-15, 19:50
I think Stranglers (80's that is) never made it at least in the USA. Not sure other countries. This was one of my favourites then, strange little girl was another.


21-02-15, 09:12
Well not a group but a singer. I dont think Kate bush (she has Irish decent) ever made it in the US either.