View Full Version : Tectonic plates and Earth's future

24-02-15, 06:32
Future of the Earth after 1000 million years



26-02-15, 17:54
That's very interesting. It's frightening to think of what the planet's future might be. We all most likely will not be here to witness much change but it still is jarring.

27-02-15, 03:48
What Earth will look like in 100 million years. The Mediterranean Sea will disappear, Africa will be split so will China and Bengal in India might be under water. North America would be split and the Amazon might be under water. Of course humans have only existed 3 or 4 million years evolving from great apes to modern humans. Even in a thousand years we may change so much that we may no longer be humans with all the genetic fiddling, machine implants and polution.