View Full Version : Malta is a good place to get a poermanent stay in Europe

03-03-15, 15:55
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14-03-16, 13:22
Malta is a very beautiful country of Europe,It is good place for a permanent stay there.It has a numerous fortresses and temples,Its rivers and seas are very long and big.Its beauty attracts people and the tourists should must visit it once in their life.

22-06-16, 14:58
do you have english cources for advance-level speakers?

22-06-16, 19:40
do you have english cources for advance-level speakers?

I presume some will also do advanced courses.

http://www.languagecourse.net/schools--malta.php3?gclid=CjwKEAjw7qi7BRCvsr3N58GvsTkSJAA3U zLvPrV_oa6XfgLn8oxsymNrSu2kLCK44eUh7ffixOs0jBoCtRn w_wcB