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09-03-15, 12:27
I am in Palermo Sicily now. Plan is assemble a team. Collect money with crowdfunding and by asking gov, businesses etc for sponsorship and then collect lots of Italian dna .

amancallednoone.wordpress.com is me .

Last time I tried to see my mother to ask about my unknown father she had me arrested. British and American police are enemies of freedom and will arrest you for such things. Such countries being nutjob feminist-gay-zionist states. British and american women hide fathers' names for the same reason they get fat. Spoilt and psychologically violent and married to the state.

Anyway the alternative to declaring war on such states is collect Italian dna and try to find my father that way.

In the process should solve the cases of many other Italian adoptees and write some papers.

But too big a job for my myself. So looking for others to help with this project.

09-03-15, 12:37
It isn't illegal in the UK or USA to look for one's biological parents. It's actually what companies like Family Tree DNA and even 23andMe propose to do. No need for you to start paying millions of euro to test the DNA of thousands of individuals. These companies already have over half a million matchable people in their database. But if your biological father, or one of his close relatives, is not in it, you are not going to find him. Actually, unless he wants to be found there is little chance you will find him, whatever you do.