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Ernesto Grandi
15-03-15, 16:44
On 23andMe I'm 99,8% standard (100% speculative) european but my neaderthal percentage is only 2.3%.
On Geno 2.0 I’m 1.8% Neanderthal and 2.4% Denisovan.

I don't know europeans or mediterreans with lower percentages than mine. just africans.

correlation between ethnicity and neanderthal percentage?
if yes do you know a spreadsheet or map about the neanderthal/denisovan frequency by country?

ANE 0.092115 South_Eurasian 0.008414 Near_Eastern 0.55965 East_Eurasian 1E-005 WHG 0.329281 Oceanian 0.005839 Pygmy 0.004681 Sub-Saharan 1E-005 Lower bound NE ANE 0.090867 South_Eurasian 0.009607 Near_Eastern 0.531805 East_Eurasian 1E-005 WHG 0.356408 Oceanian 0.00634 Pygmy 0.004953
Sub-Saharan 1E-005

15-03-15, 19:07
The average on 23andme for Europe is 2.7 so you're within the normal distribution.

There's been very little attention to the distribution of Neanderthal admixture. If I remember correctly based on the 5 public genomes the "Chinese person" had more Neanderthal admixture than the "French person". The 1000 genomes project however shows Europeans having more Neanderthal admixture than Asians.

Then there was a study in North Africa


It has a table with a couple of countries, where Japan has the highest admixture rates.


The microcephalin allele is very interesting and possibly Neanderthal in origin, a map is available here.


16-03-15, 16:55
As far as I know average Neanderthal for Europeans in 23andme is 2.6%. Means you are in the range with 2.3%.
In Eurasians it reaches lowest levels in North Africans and Arabians with an average of 2%.

I have 2.5% Neanderthal but I have friends of my ethnicity with 3.0%.
Neanderthal ancestry seems to fall with SSA affinity and is strongest among East Eurasians. East Asians score on average 2.8%.
But some Asians can score as high as 3.4% on 23andme.