View Full Version : Need tips for travelling in spain

18-03-15, 04:20
Need tips for travelling in spain now. Where is the most exciting place, or how is the weather,the traffic,consumption,etc.

17-03-16, 13:13
I have a plane to go for a tour of Spain because I am free due to my winter vacations. My all family are agree with me that all the family members are want to spend a good time with each other.But I have no idea about the important and attractive places of Spain. Suggest me somebody about these places so that we can really enjoy our tour.

16-05-16, 04:37
Best places in Spain :Spanish Islands Toledo , Cordoba ,San Sebastian ,Valencia ,Seville Madrid
Happy Traveling

22-06-16, 15:00
and Cadiz!

23-01-17, 08:27
Thanks a lots for your crucial tips.

30-05-17, 15:54
I have booked a two weeks vacation via routeperfect and I can tell you easily that the best places in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona! Especially if you are a soccer fan like me.

27-07-17, 16:21
I've been to Barcelona a few times and I highly recommend visiting it. It has such a vibrant culture and people, and the city gets you a bit too hot you can simply go down to the beach :)

25-04-18, 15:52
In Spain, you can visit Madrid, that is the home of royal palace and Prado museum, canary islands which are located in the Atlantic ocean.