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21-03-15, 21:28
New here.

Just received my final dna test results yesterday for Y. All of my relatives are from present day SE Poland and NE Ukraine so far.

I2a2 'Dinaric-N' is my designation in the I2a project.

I have followed my family tree back to my great great grandparents in Poland and great grandparents in Ukraine.

I'm here to learn and discover my tribe.

21-03-15, 23:56
Welcome to Eupedia singingfalls.

22-03-15, 02:05
Welcome to Eupedia singingfalls.

Thanks for the kind welcome!

22-03-15, 08:16
Greetings singingfalls!

I am sorry to say that this forum absolutely can't decide where your subclade originated from; there are several topics about it and its movements across Europe.

But at least I have some examples of I2a-Din-N in my "Searching for famous I2 carriers (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/threads/27655-Searching-for-famous-I2-carriers)" thread.

Hope to hear more from you!

22-03-15, 17:50
Checked out your project. Great task. I'll keep my eyes open for any additions.

This is a most interesting subclade. My great grandparents on both sides appear to have come from a region of Poland/Ukraine within a couple of hundred miles of each other. Considering the Hitler and Stalin purges, the vast majority of political and academic elite were exterminated. There was a great immigration to the USA just prior to that of which I am a product. They saw it coming and sent their children away. My grandmother came here in 1911 at the age of 16, all by herself, not knowing a word of English. What was great grandfather Jan Kyć seeing that compelled him to send her away with $25 in hand? She is great.

I am excited to learn as much as I can concerning I2a-Din-N. I just sent off for the S17250 SNP test to see if I can't refine my position in the clade. For the record AncestryDNA has me 99+% Eastern European and FTDNA at 96% Eastern European.

Ouch! Just got sucked into the genetic genealogy vortex and took the plunge for the Big-Y. I really appreciate open source citizen science.

Thanks for the warm welcome sparkey.