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23-03-15, 12:28
Hello to everybody,

first of all, congratulations for the Eupedia web and the forum, great job.

second, excuse my poor english!

I´ve tested with 23andme, resulting my Y-DNA= E1b1b1b2a, and I´m in doubt about the Y-DNA nomenclature that they use. Is it equal to E-M123 or not (I´ve read that it is now M-165)? I´m also looking for som tools (GEDMATCH) to analyse autosomal DNA, any other suggestion?

Thank you for your time.

23-03-15, 17:03
Well, I was pretty sure that nomenclature from 23andme was not updated, as I´ve read several times from this forum, and using ISOGG Y-Tree AddOn for Google Chrome I´ve found that I belong to E-M81, E-M183 precisely. Quite common to western Iberia.

So, excuse this non-sense thread.

23-03-15, 17:17
Welcome to Eupedia tirsoespada.

23-03-15, 19:41
Welcome and well done for belonging to haplogroup E! :)

16-06-15, 23:41
Hello to Seville!
Yes; the authority is the ISOGG, the latest being ISOGG 2015.
Google ISOGG & search for E1b1b1b2a, & it will tell you what old stuff it is equivalent to;
right now E1b1b1b2a equals E-M123, & E-M123 is the ten-years-old way of classifying haplogroups, but only the ISOGG stays current,
so you're translating into obsolete but popular categories.
The fact that theres lots of info about E-M123 means that that info is about 10 years old. Modern info uses current designations.