View Full Version : I2a1 or I2a2

25-03-15, 17:06
I've been trying to learn as much as I can concerning my patrilineal haplogroup. From the results at FTDNA I am designated I2a2 dinaric north. I've been looking at phylogenetic tree for I on this site and it contradicts what I see elsewhere. This tree has my line as I2a1. Why the difference?

25-03-15, 19:39
I thought that FTDNA had stopped using the tree-based nomenclature and gone directly to SNP-based nomenclature. Either way, the problem is that as more SNPs (mutations) are discovered, and they subdivide known clades at different parts in the tree, the tree-based nomenclature has to change accordingly. And there's no real standardization on who makes that change, or how often to change, etc. So if you want to be specific, use your most specific known SNP, or a well-known nickname (like "Dinaric N").

25-03-15, 20:29
Got it.

Yes, FTDNA designated me I-P37. But I joined the I2a group since it was recommended. They in turn have me in I2a2 Dinaric North in the members haplogroup list.

Seems like an exciting time to get involved. Genealogy is important to me but I also have a keen interest in the ancient roots of the tree. I have noticed extensive dialog regarding I2a on this board. Lot's of opinions.

Thanks again.