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05-04-15, 20:07
Hello there, I'd like to make a new genetic trend on Eupedia; if it is okay with you guys by bringing up the Culinary foods of our Ancient ancestors and how our foods has shaped the way we eat and to walk into the shoes that they walked. Basically stripping our foods to their bear essentials; before the age of junk food.

First, I'd like to bring the subject of Milk and beef as a basic example. Milk was a trendy food to the Ancient Britians so how did milk get so popular in that area?

Well we know that Dairy came with the Neolithic, spreading into Europe and in 4,000 BC both the Linear Pottery Cultures; G2a & I2 (J1 & T) and Printed Cardium Pottery Culture;G2a, I2 & E1b1b (J1&T) was genetically encroaching on the Megalithic Culture about the same time when milk became popular in Britian. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/ancient-british-food-craze-was-dairy-180949776/?no-ist

Considering that Taurus Cows were domesticated in the Taurus Mountains, how did the Cows get to Europe? On a speculative note, the J1 folks were living in the Taurus Mountains about 9,000 BC and a minority band of J1 folks assimilated into the G2a clan bringing their cattle with them :)

If you have any comments, tips or anything you are confused about, please feel free to comment or ask; I'll be more than happy to answer to any confusions. Thanks

(Note to the Moderators: I'd like to create a new genetic trend on eupedia so if the subject is not in the right place, please feel free to move the thread to another location ^_^)

05-04-15, 20:41
I think Antropology and Ethnography, or History and Civilizations might be the best forums for this thread.

06-04-15, 00:36
Thanks ^_^