View Full Version : Biology of Genomes titles on Dienkes

John Doe
06-04-15, 09:42
Supposedly something called the "Biology of Genomes titles" has been announced and includes a couple of subjects such as:

Population structure in African-Americans
Contrasting patterns in the high-resolution variation of uniparental markers in European populations highlight very recent male-specific expansions
Is Sanger sequencing still a gold standard?
The time and place of European gene flow into Ashkenazi Jews
65,222 whole genome haplotypes from the Haplotype Reference Consortium and efficient algorithms to use them
The expansion of human populations out of Africa might have led to the progressive build-up of a recessive mutation load
An early modern human with a recent Neandertal ancestor
Great ape Y chromosome diversity reflects social structure and sex-biased behaviours
Theoretical analysis indicates human genome is not a blueprint but a storage of genes, and human oocytes have an instruction
Modeling population size changes leads to accurate inference of sex-biased demographic events
Exploring population structure through large pedigrees
Better, faster, stronger—Mixed models and PCA in the year 2015
Denisovan ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American populations
Measuring the rate and heritability of aging in Sardinians using pattern recognition
Dog diversity is shaped by a Central Asian origin followed by geographical isolation and admixture
Comparative analysis of the Y chromosome genomes of greater apes
Genomic analysis of ‘Paleoamerican relicts’ reveals close ancestry with Native Americans
Analysis of genetic history of Siberian and Northeastern European populations

Is this something new or rather a review of studies already published?