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06-04-15, 15:58
Hey friends,

I am Federico Romano, a newbie to the forum.I create account in this forum and came back after a long time.I am really happy to come here.I hope i will be enjoy in this forum site.

Best regards
Federico Romano

06-04-15, 19:46
Welcome to Eupedia Federico.
Don't forget to check our genetic section.

27-04-16, 19:45
Hello everybody!

I am vcovaci and I am also a new member. I'm looking forward to find more information here about history, anthropology and population genetics. I would like to thank to all those who created this online community and maintain it. You're all doing a great work here!

28-04-16, 05:10
Welcome to Eupedia vcovaci.

31-08-16, 17:23
Welcome to Eupedia Kirsty.

31-08-16, 21:56
Welcome to Eupedia

29-09-18, 11:37
Hi everyone!! I am new in this community, i join this forum because i want to share my own thoughts and also want read your reasonable stuff about travelling, After these words i want to improve my knowledge and want to explore new things from here. I hope i'll spend here memorable time.

13-11-18, 08:01
Hello Leslie, welcome to Eupedia.