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16-04-15, 14:49
Hy everyone I am christopher11 from Australia new here...hope to meet good information here.

16-04-15, 16:04
Welcome to Eupedia Christopher11

Carol Jean
16-04-15, 23:41
Hi! I am also a new member. My ancestry is French, German and Irish to name a few. I love history and genealogy and have done extensive research to trace my ancestry. Had my brother's DNA tested and he is R1b. I am trying to learn about DNA and how to find out who our ancestor was in France. Our surname, which our ancestor took is not his surname---proven by DNA test. Help! Our ancestor escaped at the time of the French REV. as a stow-a-way on a boat and came to America. He was born in 1785 to wealthy parents who were beheaded.

17-04-15, 02:55
Welcome to Eupedia Carol. Check our Genetic and Historic sections: