View Full Version : EMLO and the 3rd inner war in EU

27-04-15, 10:17
Seems like a 3rd front among EU inner subject has started,
this time among EMLO and Greece, for MAERSK AND COSCO

I will expand more soon,

the article is in Greek,

I will translate it after work

seems like Guus Braakman is threatening Greeks not to give ports to CKYHE Alliance

that is the 3rd strike from EU's fiscal Union Project against |Greece

to understand the numbers we speak about taxes of the more than 25% EU-China merchantise/cargo

02-05-15, 16:55
ok to expand more

there is a new alliance to be founded among Greece cyprus Iesrael Egypt,
new deposits of air and liguid fuel,
a new road for Far East Asia products to enter Europe,
seems like the the 2nd old amber road and the end of silk road are back again,

I am not supporting anyone, but in few days an event which I believe gives new strategical data and ballances is on the lose



For 1rst time in History a Far East Asian country enters mediterenean!!!!
China is entering Mediterenean sea, right beside US 6th fleet,

and not only,
Ballances are to be change again, if Iran gets S-300,

I think the Brezinski idea to put NATO missiles just outside Russia, and to be ready and willing to attack Russia, alarmed the bear,
Personally I consider him a dangerous man, that is still driven for reveange,
seems like the new cold war era, needs more than one Ukraine to finnaly balance and create new 'curtains'
EU that was supposed to bring a 3rd pole and stability, seems weak
and if I take the last EMLO Guus Braakman statements serious,
then EU seems to do not exist, or can not certify stability against inner economical wars,