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01-05-15, 20:21

Sequence and analysis of a whole genome from Kuwaiti population subgroup of Persian ancestry
Gaurav Thareja,# Sumi Elsa John,# Prashantha Hebbar, Kazem Behbehani, Thangavel Alphonse Thanaraj,corresponding author and Osama Alsmadicorresponding author
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The 1000 Genome project paved the way for sequencing diverse human populations. New genome projects are being established to sequence underrepresented populations helping in understanding human genetic diversity. The Kuwait Genome Project an initiative to sequence individual genomes from the three subgroups of Kuwaiti population namely, Saudi Arabian tribe; “tent-dwelling” Bedouin; and Persian, attributing their ancestry to different regions in Arabian Peninsula and to modern-day Iran (West Asia). These subgroups were in line with settlement history and are confirmed by genetic studies. In this work, we report whole genome sequence of a Kuwaiti native from Persian subgroup at >37X coverage

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