View Full Version : War in Ex-Yugoslavia continues

10-05-15, 19:29
by what seems the ex-yugoslavia lands have not found peace,

seems like 22 people were killed this weekend in the borders among Skopje Serbia and Kossovo , in the sauveureign of Skopje,

news from Skopje say 8 Policeman and Alsat (Albanian tv) say 14 Fyrom/Kossovo Albanians were killed.

until now I haven't found something more,

but seems Ukraine is not the only 'bomb' in Europe

10-05-15, 20:59
by what Tettovo blogs say 12 May will be an inmportant day for Albanians


I can not give more infos, Although I have enough,
but seems another hot summer in Balkans,

for my friends on the blog, with who I had enough 'warmhead discussions' I wonder who will be the bad guy this time?

10-05-15, 21:19
I heard it from the news but no the reason, is it about ethic problems?

10-05-15, 21:58
I heard it from the news but no the reason, is it about ethic problems?

It seems like ethnic problems, or is covered as ethnic problems
no true reason is given yet,

yet we might also speak about Rama's war against Lazarati Mafia,
some say about the Daesh warriors return,
nothing is clear,
and although most news and blog admit the fights, nobody says clear why
it could also be a smuggler's case,

but Tettovo (Albanian side) blogs see and show it as ethnic problems

true is that the area there smells 'sulfur and powder' years ago from today
and just a 'click' can boom the land

before 1 month there was an assault in a police department

11-05-15, 11:22

11-05-15, 14:22
Euronews says, "The government claims the alleged terrorists were former rebel commanders from neighbouring Kosovo which broke from Serbia in a war in 1999"

so what about local Albanians in Macedonia?

11-05-15, 16:15
Could it become a problem for the new pipeline coming through Turkey-Greece?

11-05-15, 17:27
Could it become a problem for the new pipeline coming through Turkey-Greece?

yes and no,

it depends,
Skopjeis well protected by NATO and UN,
all KFOR and the extra 5-10 000 Nato soldiers has as base headquarters Skopje and as back/support Thessaloniki,
a total of 45 000 NATO man can be accomodated in Skopje and other 60 000 in Thessaloniki Larissa as reserve and suplies
and if Greece gives Olymp the total estimation of supplies accomodation and fighting skill can raise to 250 000 NATO men,

so I doupt someone would do a thing,
except if he is a lunatic or an extremist,
or is decided 'before'

Yet no, that is quite far for the pipeline about 200-250 km, the Greek stream which might be part of Turkish stream will pass clear through Greek land and drive to Adriatic sea
but it is for a pipeline from Greece to Belingrad and central Europe, cause case of Bulgaria is closed as they declare for now,
and also the dream of a great Hydrologist, which I happened to see him at his late, Yevgevic which wanted to unite Dunav with Aeagean through river road,
nobody can say for sure,

12-05-15, 23:29
by what I find here and there, seems like the Albanian president typical tour at 14/05 is canceled,
and many ministers quit, or removed, due to a phone communication scandal,
I hope no more guns in Balkans.

05-06-15, 21:27
As always, we realize what happened, months after secret services found the problems,

and really seems the war in ex-Yugoslavia not only continues, BUT MIGHT BE A BALKANIC FAIR OF MADNESShttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/#10689312) AGAIN

Yeahhhhh, Mom give me the gun to oil it and prepair it!!!

time has come again in Balkans, to fight the 1300 year continue war among Christians and muslims
and the 1700 years of vanishing freedom, and science (theocracy vs Academia)
and pagan extermination (monotheism vs polytheism)

for those who want to know


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