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14-05-15, 20:07
Frequency of YDNA haplogroups in ethnic Uyghurs (Central Asia/Northwest China, East Turkestan); J2 seems to be high among ethnic Uyghurs, and several paragroups are also present among them:
J2: 34%
K*: 18%
R1a: 16%
H: 8%
O*: 6%
C: 4%
O3: 4%
Q1: 4%
D*: 2%
N: 2%
R*: 2%


14-05-15, 22:44
can you provide a link to this source ?

14-05-15, 23:32
J2 Haplogroup not only in ethnic Uyghurs

16-05-15, 00:12
can you provide a link to this source ?

i do not know where he got his but the 2007 study has:

10.2% had F(xJ, K)
18.4% had J
12.2% had K(xN1c, O, P) ..................has to be T and L
4.1% had N1c
12.2% had O3
8.2% had P(xR1a1)
28.6% had R1a1 (the most common haplogroup in this sample)


EDIT:...or maybe from here
https://yhaplogroups.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/y-dna-haplogroups-in-turks/ (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10038-007-0155-0?LI=true)

16-05-15, 09:43
I'm following this topic as well

16-05-15, 11:58
can you provide a link to this source ?

This study of 2010 tests nearly all the ethnic groups in Northwest China, and Uyghur ethnicity has the frequnecy 34% of J2, and Uzbeks are 30% of J2 whereas Tajiks are high in R1a1. The resource is http://www.nature.com/jhg/journal/v55/n5/full/jhg201030a.html

16-05-15, 12:43
ok, thank you

Gurka atla
20-01-16, 13:18
Another Uyghur study. I'm surprised haplogroup O made up 20.4% of Uyghur while C only 9.8%

20.5% had Y*(xA, C, DE, J, K)
2.6% had C*(xC1, C3)
7.7% had C3c
2.6% had DE(xE)
12.8% had K*(xNO, P)
2.6% had N1*-LLY22g(xN1a, N1b, N1c)
5.1% had N1c1
5.1% had O3*
5.1% had O3a3c*-M134(xO3a3c1-M117)
5.1% had O3a3c1-M117
15.4% had P*(xR1a)
15.4% had R1a