View Full Version : Are my results normal for my ancestry?

15-05-15, 05:59
I have had several family members do a 23andme test. My mom and two of
her siblings as well as her mother (not her father since he is dead).
However, I don't know how to interpret the results, whether they mean
I'm 100% European (consistent with my ancestry) or have some African,
Asian, Amerindian, or Jewish heritage (not consistent with my ancestry).
I have done tests with GEDMATCH, they give percentages such as Caucasus,
Siberia, Eastern Europe, but not sure what are normal statistics for
someone of their ancestry.

My mom is Irish and Belgian from her mother, and German and Austrian
from her father. I would like to know if her father is German and I
would test him if he was still around. So my question is are these
results normal for someone who has one parent of German ancestry and one
who is Irish/Belgian? I really want to know what these results mean and
if my mom really does have German heritage. I can post pictures of the
father if it would help.

Mom (M213516)

East_European 11.17%
West_European 50.45%
Mediterranean 24.34%
Neo_African -
West_Asian 9.93%
South_Asian 0.52%
Northeast_Asian 1.24%
Southeast_Asian -
East_African 0.08%
Southwest_Asian 2.18%
Northwest_African 0.09%
Palaeo_African -

Mom's Sister (M191828)

East_European 10.84%
West_European 49.12%
Mediterranean 27.00%
Neo_African -
West_Asian 9.00%
South_Asian 1.61%
Northeast_Asian 0.95%
Southeast_Asian -
East_African -
Southwest_Asian 1.43%
Northwest_African -
Palaeo_African -

Mom's Brother (M052036)

East_European 11.81%
West_European 50.77%
Mediterranean 26.56%
Neo_African -
West_Asian 8.47%
South_Asian 0.27%
Northeast_Asian 0.60%
Southeast_Asian 0.41%
East_African -
Southwest_Asian 1.11%
Northwest_African -
Palaeo_African -

Mom's Mom (M203944)

East_European 9.68%
West_European 52.31%
Mediterranean 25.99%
Neo_African -
West_Asian 8.84%
South_Asian 1.58%
Northeast_Asian -
Southeast_Asian -
East_African -
Southwest_Asian 1.51%
Northwest_African -
Palaeo_African -