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10-06-15, 23:46
Ok, trying to present music that characterise Latvian people.

Imants Kalniņš - Dūdieviņš (game of words Dūdieviņš is little bird that sings to God (Dieviņš))


This is magical trance pearl of Latvian composer. Dated somewhere in 60-ies. Featuring South Euro (?) commentators, apparently with musical taste.

Jumprava - Ziemeļmeita (Northern Daughter)

Electronic music from 1980-ies. How I went to look for my Ziemeļmeita (Nordic Daughter, also game of words, North Star/Polaris).

Olga Rajecka - Apvij Rokas (wrap your arms around me)

Song from 80-ies. For some reason it is liked by different (South?) Slavic people :) Apparently it touches something we share. Has lyrics, so you can get grasp of language.

Brainstorm - Maybe

Most popular Latvian Band!

Mārtiņš Brauns - Saule, Pērkons, Daugava (Sun, Thunder/Thunder God, Daugava)

The best choir song. Latvians have tradition of Song and Dance Festival once every 4 years. This song has great atmosphere (the song starts only 1:07). It was also chosen as a song for Catalonian independence movement.