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01-07-15, 17:47
I thought of injecting a little humor into the often contentious and heated topic of y-DNA. Y-DNA jokes ahead, beware.

Q: Why does R1b dominate so heavily in the Basque country?

A: Because I couldn't make it that far out.

Q: Someone asked me if I would help them find a common paternal ancestor between most Sami and Chinese. I replied

A: "Um, NO?"

Q: What is the most common y-haplogroup among pirates?

A: R, matey!

Q: How do we know that modern Europeans are smarter than ancient Europeans?

A: The ancestors of virtually all Europeans once got an "F" in Genetics.

01-07-15, 22:05
This one requires some knowledge of Computer Science/software development:

I wrote a software application in Lisp that can tell you your y-haplogroup. See here - I send it my STR's as an input list, and I get my answer back - "T"! Oddly enough, everyone here seems to either be a T or an N1l. Isn't that odd?

01-08-16, 15:18
lollll last one