View Full Version : Probable origin K and successor hts such as R in SE Asia.

05-08-15, 14:39
I have thought for a long time that SE Asia has been undervalued as a probable source of Eurasian haplotypes. While much of Eurasia was covered in ice sheets, a huge fertile peninsula Sunda was exposed covering all of SE Asia and Indonesia. New genetic developments are more likely to become established and concentrated at range extremes, and Sunda fulfils this requirement. I have suspected that important origins of Eurasian major population groups may lie underwater there.

Karafet et al at nature.com/ejhg/journal/v23/n3/full/ejhg2014106a (Feb 2105 Nature) have added evidence by suggesting that the K haplotype is native to SE Asia. Ht P and its successors Q and R derive from one branch, and the ancestors of Q in North America and R in Europe spread westward from this location.

06-08-15, 09:21
I doubt this very much

- only coastal areas of Sundaland were populated, the inlands were never populated during paleolithical times

- Q and R are derived from P1 , not P*

06-08-15, 19:39
Eurasia is large and only a part of it was covered by ice sheet during last LGM - this doesn't tell us with precision where was first born Y-R