View Full Version : Part 1: Looking For mtDNA Diversity in West Eurasia

Fire Haired14
22-08-15, 19:47
Part 1: Looking For mtDNA Diversity in West Eurasia (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/2015/08/looking-for-mtdna-diversity-in-west.html): My post is at my new Blog: mtDNA Atlas (http://mtdnaatlas.blogspot.com/).

The purpose of my Blog is to "Providing a database of Human mtDNA from around the World". This is just the start. I'll eventually get data from every part of the globe.

As it says in the Title this is only Part 1. My first post is just for showing the diversity of mtDNA that exists in West Eurasia. In my next posts about West Eurasian mtDNA I'll look for founder effects, shared unique mutations between differnt populations, theoretical origins of certain mtDNA, and more.

Fire Haired14
26-08-15, 23:39
Just added 1700 samples from Ireland, Scotland, Estonia, Seto(Minority in Estonia), Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Karelia, Finland, Saami, Vespian, and more, to use in my next post. Just need to get more samples from France, Central Europe, Caucasus, Iraq, and Afghanistan to get dense coverage of all of West Eurasia.

My next post should be ready next week or a little later. After I'm done with my West Eurasia posts. I'm going to look into Siberia, Central Asia, China, SouthEast East Asia, and the Americas. I'll compare them to each other and West Eurasians.

After that I'll probably look into Australia, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands and compare them to other Eastern non-Africans. That'll probably be in 2-3 weeks.