View Full Version : Study Finds Association Between Traumatic Brain Injury and ADHD

23-08-15, 20:08
Here is the link to the study:

"Dr. Robert Mann, senior scientist at CAMH and co-principal investigator said this latest study extends previous findings from the research team about the association between TBI and mental health and addiction issues.

These new data suggest a significant association between ADHD and TBI," Dr. Mann said. "We see that adults with TBI are more than twice as likely than those without to report symptoms of ADHD."

I don't doubt there's an association, but I do doubt that it accounts for all the cases of ADHD. I think some of it is innate or heritable, or there wouldn't be differences by family and ethnic group.

I also wonder whether it might perhaps be a trait that was helpful when we were all hunter-gatherers but that is less helpful now when functioning in modern society requires hours of sitting still and concentrating in classrooms.

24-08-15, 10:06
is there a clear diagnosis for ADHD ?
20 year ago I had never heard of it
and now over 50 % of the people seem to have it if we should believe all these diagnoses

and what is TBI ?
sometimes it seems the more doctors there are, the more diseases we have